Flo Mounier

Flo Mounier : Drummer, Teacher, Performer, Trainer & Innovator

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Cryptopsy’s discography. Extreme metal from Montreal, Canada.

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Flo Mounier is known around the world for his incomparable way of playing extreme metal music. His drumming combines great chops with blistering speed and technical brutality. Drummer of the Canadian band Cryptopsy, Flo’s style is an example to follow for the new generation of drummers who wish to find out more on what the [...]

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Worship Your Demons video. Taken from the album The Unspoken King by Cryptopsy,  2008. View in iTunes.

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The Pestilence That Walketh In Darkness video. Taken from the album Once Was Not by Cryptopsy,  2005. View in iTunes.

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