Flo Mounier

Flo Mounier : Drummer, Teacher, Performer, Trainer & Innovator

  • Pre-order the new Cryptopsy CD


    Release date: Sept 2012 Pre-orders receive some tracks in August! Download here

  • NAMM Show 2012


    Flo will be appearing at the NAMM Show 2012 for some signings and to represent his sponsors as well as the UDC. This will also be the launch of his new web site. «Can’t wait to see new and old friends». Visit NAMM’s web site at www.namm.org

  • UDC 2012


    Ultimate Drum Camp 2012. This is your chance to learn from Pearl artists, Dennis Chambers, Horacio Hernandez, Mike Mangini, Flo Mounier, Kenwood Dennard and LP artists, Giovanni Hidalgo and Raul Rekow. – 3 Master’s classes per day, 3 concert nights and 1 open jam night with student participation. – 11 practice rooms with drum kits [...]

  • Cryptopsy : Worship Your Demons


    Worship Your Demons video. Taken from the album The Unspoken King by Cryptopsy,  2008. View in iTunes.

Cryptopsy performing Slit Your Guts at Brutal Assault 2011 in the Czech Republic.

Cryptopsy’s discography. Extreme metal from Montreal, Canada.

Flo Mounier is known around the world for his incomparable way of playing extreme metal music. His drumming combines great chops with blistering speed and technical brutality. Drummer of the Canadian band Cryptopsy, Flo’s style is an example to follow for the new generation of drummers who wish to find out more on what the [...]

Armageddon Legends 1. A Morgue Full of Cyborgs 4:18 2. Doom’s Only Wounded 4:52 3. Monsters in the Airlock 3:31 4. It’s All Over But the Dyin 4:20 5. Under the Sky 5:54 6. War Hammer Grammar 2:49 7. 30666 3:51 8. Armageddon Legends 4:24 www.reverbnation.com/digitaldoomzday

Sudden Death (2011) 1. Entrée Of Garlic Roasted Eyeballs 01:06 2. Hideous Crime Scene 04:37 3. When World Collapse 04:12 4. Incurable Insanity 03:34 5. Autopsy Of A Rotten Corpse 05:09 6. Crushing The Remains 04:08 7. Wanted 04:00 8. Eternal Pain 04:12 9. The Ritual Frenzy 03:48 10. Ice Cold Menstrual Blood Digestif 00:53 [...]